• Image of urbanlight zine #1 Mr Hoddle's Opus

This photozine is my nod to all the people involved in the establishment of Melbourne’s grid of streets and lanes and is specifically dedicated to the work of Robert Hoddle.

The Hoddle Grid is a silent but significant contributor to any artistic representations of Melbourne. The Grid defines the character of the light we all make use of when creating a photograph. We all owe Robert Hoddle and all those who have maintained the spirit of his original plan for Melbourne a great deal.

The urbanlight zine is a 24 page, A5, black and white saddle stitched publication. It features 12 photographs, all presented in full-bleed across each spread of pages.

The zine is only available in print form and is limited to 100 copies.

more info and photos here.

The zine is also available at The Sticky Institute, Campbell Arcade, Melbourne